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How Your Dental Office Can Get Online

March 10th, 2015

Many individuals are now seeing the benefits of website creation to promote a product or a business online to the rest of the world. If you run a dentist’s office then it is important that you have a website so that you can reach the audience within your area easily and effectively.

In this article we will take a look at some of the ways in which to do this and we will also take a look at some website resources that you can use if you do wish to build a website for a dentist’s office.


It is not hard to design and create a website and anyone can do it. Selecting a domain name is the first step and these can be purchased on the web. These domain names vary in price, according to their popularity. Once you have chosen a domain name, you will then want to begin thinking about the design of your website.

If you wish to build your website from the ground up then you can use the HTML scripting language to do it with. HTML is the basis of the Internet and it is easy to create simple but effective webpages using this language.


If you are looking for a series of resources for the web and the design of websites then there are several sites that are helpful. Code Academy is a site that teaches you how to use HTML to build websites with. W3 school is another site which contains a comprehensive list of all the programs that you will need to create a website when you are using the basic web languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP.


Once you have used one of these resources to learn about the programming languages for the web, you may then use a program to build your content before you upload it to the site that you have selected. If you are creating content for a dentist’s office then it will be important to outline the services that you offer, as well as a way in which to communicate by providing email and telephone numbers. Once you have completed this and successfully uploaded it to the Internet it should be indexed within Google’s search engine relatively quickly. Individuals who require your services within the area will then simply make a search on the Internet and will find your website indexed within the Google search engine. This easy access will potentially increase your business and you will become more popular in your area because of the website that you have created.

Things to Consider when Choosing A New Host

January 26th, 2015

dentist hosting

A web hosting company connects your site to the web so it is very important that get get a good one and that it benefits your company.

This is a service that takes the space where your files for your website are stored. There are also extra services such as website building tools. firewall protection, email services, domain name registration, FTP access and technical assistance.

Listed below are some ways to tell how to get a good hosting company.

  1. Pricing-like whether or not you can go with a free web hosting company.
  2. Customer feedback-look at the reviews and see what other people think about these companies.
  3. Technical support-Your website will need to reform 24/7 technical problems.
  4. Does the hosting company provide support in the following areas?

Email, autoresponders, IMAP, SMTP, and POP3.

Website Tools-forums, galleries, CMS, and blogs. Your host can provide you with these tools to work on your website.

An E-commerce option-Secure socket layer or SSL and shopping cart

Control panel-This will let you make the necessary changes to your site or to let someone else keep up with it. They will be listed after the weekend.

DreamWeaver -Golive, Flash

Just by following these guidelines you can have a web site with a great hosting provider.


Siteground is one web hosting company that believes they have superior customer service, speed and security. They have 24/7 technical support, 99.9% up time and free domain names.

Many people want to get a free web host especially with their first one. If the web hosting is free, you can post free or very cheap put ads on your web pages and you also get technical assistance.



How To Promote Your Dental Brand Online

January 10th, 2015

Having a dental practice in your local town no longer guarantees you patients. Marketing strategies are the only tools that can enable your dental practice to flourish and continue attracting new patients. As a dentist, marketing is a whole new ball game therefore you need to invest time and effort in order to be successful.

Developing and implementing a dental marketing plan will not only guarantee you chairs filled with patients but appointments will be the order of the day.

Below is how to promote your dental brand online.


Have an online presence

online presence

Thanks to the internet, websites and blogs have provided the excellent platform to advertise and make your dental practice known. You can hire a good web designer who will develop and host a website with a blog that maintains all modern standards.

Hiring an seo expert will ensure that all articles on your blog and website are well written and key worded as required. This will help to rank your website higher in the search engine results.


Have a social media presence

Social networking platforms are the latest craze and have enabled individuals around the world to communicate and share different forms of content. How to promote your online dental brand online is simple as a..b..c. All you need to start is to create an account on the various social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram among others.

Once you have an account or a business page, you can invite or advertise your dental brand to the millions and billions of users. You can even narrow your reach to local residents around your city. Posting pictures of patient’s pearly white teeth you have worked on can also help direct new patients to your office.


Have a smartphone app

Apps like social media platforms are currently some of the most effective tools for promoting dental brands online. With an app, you can have it designed to display all the information about what you do in a simple, attractive and easy to read format.

You can also discuss with your app developer to incorporate simple games that relate to your practice. An example is find a dentist, a game that will allow the user to search for a dentist through a maze and the game can have 10 levels or so.

Thrissur, We Care About Your Site!

October 14th, 2014

Web marketing can be a very profitable business.  Its important for each website to have an online presence that coincides with their offline business. There are so many potential customers online, its worth your time to look into services like those offered by Thrissur Consulting.

You may wonder how can these services make you more money? How can we help you with your website in order to increase the number of visitors you get and how your dental website generates better leads for your offline dentistry business?

These are many of the questions that we can help you with here.

A lot of times business owners simply don’t know where to start when it comes to developing an online brand for their offline business. That’s where we come in!

If you have capable employees doing everything they can to generate a great offline business, you should have the same thing for your online business. We can be that team for you, and create and manage the site that you need for your dentist office.

Contact us and lets get started talking today about how we can help you with your business.

What is Good Content For Your Dentist Office Website?

September 29th, 2014

24 hour dentist

Posting valuable and useful information to your website is critical to its success. You don’t want to post a lot of information that the normal client or person couldn’t understand or have use for. Below, you’ll find a suggestion of a posting that provides your client information on steps that can be taken when an emergency dental issue arises. Hope this helps and have a great day! Cole

Everyone is at risk for damaging a tooth at any point in one’s life. Many of these incidents occur in harmless activities such as playing, eating, or while at work. When an incident occurs, you’ll want to know the steps needed in order to repair or treat the damaged tooth or injured mouth. It’s important that уоu contact your dentist immediately and provide as much detail about your condition.

If the incident happens when your usual dental clinic is closed, many emergency clinics can be found online. When a dental emergency happens, you should have a grasp of what needs to be done when no dentist is around. You may need to find a 24 hour dentist as this could be the difference in saving or losing the tooth.

All dental emergencies require an immediate visit to the dentist in order to get the proper dental care and treatment. Dental emergencies occur when а tooth cracks, is loosened or is completely knocked out. Other situations like a dental crown coming off a tooth, or cracked gums are also considered dental emergencies.

When any of these happen, the following care may help before your dentist can be seen:

Severe Toothache- You can rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water then remove any food particle inserted between your teeth by using dental floss.

Swollen Mouth- A cold compress applied on the cheek or outside the aching area will help. A painkiller should never be put against the gums or tooth as it could burn the gum tissue.

Chipped or Broken Tooth- You’ll want to save the chipped or broken piece. The mouth including the broken piece should be rinsed with warm water. In case of bleeding, placing а piece of gauze on the affected area for 20 minutes will help stop the bleeding. Cold compress should be applied to the mouth, lip or cheek to help reduce any swelling and to relieve the pain. When the dental clinic opens, уоu should immediately go to your dentist.

Lost Filling- Stick а piece of sugarless gum into the hollow tooth or use commercial dental cement.

Lost crown- If уоu can, try to slip the crown over the tooth by coating the inside with dental cement, denture adhesive or toothpaste. This will help hold the crown right in its place.

Abscess in Your Mouth- These are infections occurring around the tooth’s root or in the space between the gums and teeth. It’s а serious condition that can cause damage to the tissue and the surrounding teeth. To draw the pus out and to relieve the pain, salt water solution should be used in rinsing the mouth. The solution is made by mixing water (8 ounces) with table salt (half teaspoon).

Soft Tissue Issues- These include the cheeks, gums, tongue and lips. Bleeding can be controlled by rinsing the mouth with salt water solution, then applying tea bag or gauze to put pressure for 15 – 20 minutes, to the bleeding area.  To relieve pain and control bleeding, applying cold compress to cheek or outside of the mouth around bleeding area for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Take examples like this article and go on and add a “blog” section to your dental website. Websites with regularly updated content are treated better by search engines and it will help your search engine ranking.

Check out this blog for more ideas about great dental articles!

Thrissur Consultancy Dental Website Services

September 11th, 2014

Top 5 best dental websites

emergency dentist near me

With advancements in technology, every field of work has started operating through websites on the internet as people prefer getting services in the comfort of their home. Several websites have started offering dental services and emergency dentists for quick treatment for your dental injury. These websites are offering multiple services and options, out of which we are going to discuss the top 5 today. I wanted to bring to your attention these websites because this is the kind of thing every dentist should have to promote their brand!

The Dental warrior (

The Dental Warrior is a blog ran by a dental expert who has a lot of experience in this field and as the name suggests, the blog deals with solving different dental problems faced by the viewers and customers of the blog. The owner of the blog is a Dentist who has also served in the US Navy where he further expanded his expertise in this field. The blog discusses everything related to dental issues and the followers of the blog also appreciate his interesting and informative posts.

Dr. Chetan:

Dr. Chetan is a blog that keeps you updated with all the advancements and new inventions in the dental world. The most unique thing about this blog is that Dr. Chetan delivers his message and information in a very fun and engaging manner, which is not the case for other websites.

Brookside Dental (

Brookside Dental offers dental services with a lot of customers and provides a very massive range of services. It has over 3000 likes on Facebook and is a very famous website (at least for dentists)

Dr. Tom Farley (

Is a website that can be very informative as well as fun at the same time. It provides all the necessary information you would be expecting from a dental blog as well as a section dedicated entirely for dental photography. The dental photography section of the website contains different photos related to the field that improve your understanding that can help you solve your problem.